Next game will be...

..."UKUMAN X2: New Masters"!

Yeah, that´s right! Our big Jump´n´Shoot game will get a true sequel in a couple of weeks. It will have better "runimations", as I call them, UKUMAN in different colors (!) and...  all new robot masters, weapons and worlds!


We´re using and improving our first game´s UKU-engine, so develloping is a lot faster this time.


Up to now there are  6 new robot masters planned, with two of them already put in the game! We will update this blog whenever there´s an,uhm, update. 


But now I want to show you the first two bosses who are in the game!

  • Name: Colt Man
  • Stage: Deadly Desert
  • Attacks: Firing with his two colts and smiles evil
  • What UKUMAN gets when he defeats him: Colt Pistol
  • Name: Witch Man
  • Stage: Spooky Woods
  • Attacks: Does dive attacks with his broom, has a bullet-proof shield and cunjures up enemies
  • What UKUMAN gets when he defeats him: Witch Shield

In the next days we will reveal the remaining 4 bosses. So keep checking out this site! Cya,


Mc Jey

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