Alpha Status!

Latest things we put in the game:


  • when Ukuman takes a hit, he will blink and be invincible for a moment, instead of bouncing away from the enemie
  • every peace of music is now a midi file; saves about 30 megabytes (sound effects are still wave files)
  • speaking of music, you can choose between two different songs before starting a stage now
  • improved running, jumping and falling. Gravity is a little higher, and Ukuman won´t get stuck in the ground any more
  • many new enemies, as well as new sprites / abilities for the old ones
  • example: the little walking snow balls from UKUMAN - the Game can freeze Ukuman with their cold breath.
  • moving and disappearing platforms
  • rush gets an appearence in a new form: the rushbike. It´s a supercool motorbike, which Ukuman uses to drive to UDIMA City. It can do a wheelie wich will result in a speed boost. There are ramps to jump over holes and tanks who try to blow you up!
  • new sprites for King Devastator and two new forms: the Devamech (shoots bullets, has a laser cannon and jumps high in the air) and Devazilla (King Devastator eats a mushroom and grows to a giant Godzilla-like monster)
  • new intro
  • when the game starts, there´s a little animation with a scrolling building like Megaman 2, witch Ukuman on the roof (without helmet!)

Mc Jey

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