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First of all: we discovered some remaining bits and bytes of the lost "UFEGA"! In fact the (almost) complete game, version 9.8. I am really happy about this, ´cause we lost every copy of our first big game due last year´s big computer crash... Anyway, now it´s back, not the very last version, but it´s close to the final game. This copy has got just a few more bugs (e.g. a never-ending looping sound after you defeated the last boss) and we can´t fix them until we found the project file for the game, too.

Sorry. But if you haven´t had the chance to play this platforming masterpiece, then you can email us at udimail@web.de and we will send you this special copy!


But let´s forget those old games for a moment and have a look at our current project,



We are really excited to present our brand new battle system, the "FEABS" (Fatal Error Action Battle System)!

  • Use kicks, punches, music instruments and dogs to beat up your opponents
  • Round based & testing your reflexes
  • Earn money and experience to level up your character
  • Let him learn new attacks and improve his stats

Fights now feel like in the "Mario & Luigi" / "Paper Mario" series, but will get a little extra "UDIMA" touch, if you now what I mean.


We also improved the graphics again; now Fatal Error and his friends can walk through beautifully hand-drawn landscapes. Just check out these new screenshots!


Mc Jey (U-GameZ)

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