New Design, Error Ware Status Update & Music Podcast?!!

Hello there!

So, we´ve got a new look (obviously), back to black, no more eye-hurting color-mess! I updated the U-GameZ logo too, using a little Illustrator-Magic. 


But where the hell are the new games?


Believe it or not, but it looks like that Error Ware (our next big title, a crazy minigame collection inspired by Nintendos Wario Ware series) is almost done! 


It will be released later this year (hopefully this summer) for Windows (runs on machines with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7).


Here are some of the latest improvements:


  • You can switch between English and German Language
  • About 30 different minigames with multiple difficulties
  • Unlock various boss games and special "Error Boy" games
  • Loads of original midi and 8bit music
  • Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players

So stay tuned as we will post brand new screenshots, videos and finally the whole game at this site!


Have a nice day,

-Mc Jey-


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