Try the Error Ware 2 demo !

Or play some old classics:

You can find me here, too:


Abstráctomon Screenshots: Bugs and birds

Read the newest Devlog on GameJolt or!

UFEEGA battle prototype now playable as part of Fragment Jam on!

You can now play a prototype of the most recent version (2013) on! I submited it to the Fragment Jam in June-July 2019. Check it out here!


This a newer, completely different version of the game I showed of previously on my "WiWo" videos, so check it out!

U-GameZ soundtracks now on Bandcamp!

I finally created a Bandcamp profile for my game soundtracks!

I ran out of space on Soundcloud, so I figured I give Bandcamp a try.


Follow me there while I'm uploading existing soundtrack albums and brand new tracks!

New free soundtrack album: Skyward Descent

I finished the soundtrack album for the game "Skyward Descent" by Brandon JS Lea!



This album contains 16 tracks ranging from chill-out to spooky to action-packed.


Get it for free (or donate a small amount if you like!)


Collab: Skyward Descent (Free Browser game)

You can now play Skyward Descent, a free twin stick shooter style browser game by Brandon Lea!


I created the logo & soundtrack for this project in the past few months and had a great time working with Brandon.


Check out the game on or Newgrounds

 and follow Brandon on Twitter for more games!


I'll release the full soundtrack album for free very soon, so keep an eye on the SoundtrackZ page!