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Free add-on to the Error Boy Sound Pack

I made a free add-on to my "Error Boy Sound Pack", which contains Gameboy-like 8-Bit sounds for game devs, musicians or everyone else who loves retro sound effects.


The add-on includes 34 new sounds and is free to download even if you don't own the original Sound Pack.


Get it on

Wii Remote on Windows 10 - New guide

Pharmakon has been greenlit on Steam!

Pharmakon is coming to Steam!

Thanks to everyone who voted for it on Steam Greenlight. It is one of the last games to be greenlit before Steam Direct replaces Steam Greenlight.


I had a great time making the soundtrack for this unique strategy game!

Error Ware 2 - FAQ

I made a new blog entry for frequently asked questions about Error Ware 2 at the official Error Ware 2 homepage. You can read it here!

PS4 & WiiU Buttons Sprite Pack

I made a new sprite pack for PS4 and WiiU Pro Controller buttons!


This pack contains high quality .png files in various sizes and .svg files that an be edited and rendered in any resolution you might need.


You can now purchase this pack on