Try the Error Ware 2 demo !

Or play some old classics:

You can find me here, too:


Abstráctomon - A windy day

Abstráctomon VVV Demo - First 6 minutes

Error Ware 1 now on

Error Ware, the precursor to Error Ware 2, is now available for free on! Check out the new page here!

Celebrating 10 years

In 2018, U-GameZ turns 10!


Ten years ago, Andreas v. Nordheim and Janek Röben started to make their first games in Game Maker.


U-GameZ wants to celebrate this anniversary by putting some of their earliest games on


UKUMAN X - The Game (This one is playable!)


UDIMA: Fatal Error's Great Adventure (No Download currently!)


They're the same buggy versions that were released in 2008 / 2009, so don't expect any improvements.


What is this future technobabble? Terra-Byte? Giga-Hertz? Graphics Card? Back then, we made games with .gif files! (No joke.)


Happy holidays and off to the next 10 years!

Paper Keys Version 2

I got a request to make some more icons for my "Paper Keys" sprite pack, so I added a ton of sprites for the remaining keyboard keys and mouse buttons.


If you already bought the pack, you can download the Version 2 for free!

Check it out here!