About U-GameZ

Hi, my name is Janek, or "Mc Jey."

I'm from Germany and was born in 1989, so I grew up in the good old 90's.


Since I got my first Gameboy from my aunt, I'm a huge Nintendo fan :)


I started to make silly PC games with my friend (who sadly passed away a few years ago) as "U-GameZ" back in 2008.

We also had a band & a podcast, you can visit the band's homepage here!


I'm doing all the graphics, music, sounds and coding by myself, so it takes a while...


If you have questions or want to help me with coding, music, art or promoting games (I'm using Game Maker)

you can tweet me @UGameZ_McJey or write an email at ugamezgermany[at]gmail[dot]com!


Also, I really enjoy watching people play our games, so if you want to make a video or stream it live, feel free to do so & and send me a link so I can share it :)


Have a nice day, 


Mc Jey