We´re working on Error Ware 2!

(Temporary name & Logo)
(Temporary name & Logo)

We officially started to work on a sequel to our fun little game Error Ware!
Over the last few years our code monkeys acquired quite a lot new programming skills, so

Error Ware 2*

will be built on a much more solid technical foundation.

Here´s a list of things we want to have in the final game
(Green = already working in current built, orange = Trying hard to implement in the future):

  • 720p, 16:9 resolution
  • Much higher quality music (we´re using ogg files instead of midis now!)
  • Rhythm-based animations and micro games
  • Improved name inputs (you´ll be able to use ALL the keys of your keyboard, upper + lowercase)
  • Less RAM usage, smaller overall filesize
  • Improved Wiimote motion controls, maybe without the need of external software (= Glovepie)
  • Gamepad support
  • More single player - characters with story cutscenes
  • Online Multiplayer / Leaderboards
  • Larger amount of microgames
  • Even more fun

We can´t say when the game will be finished, but it shouldn´t take as long as the first Error Ware. Late 2014? 2015? We will see!
Before we go back to work and whip those monkeys, we would love to hear your ideas!

Please comment this news and let us know

  • your ideas for microgames
  • if you would pay for a (really good) Error Ware sequel with Online multiplayer (We´re thinking about 5 Dollars)
  • More features we should add and / or things you want to see improved over the original game

Thanks to everyone playing Error Ware, we hope you´re excited for a sequel!
-Mc Jey from U-GameZ, Germany-

(*working title)

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